Friday, 11 March 2011

Rebel Rebel web video & Attica Rage news

I've been quite busy since my last update. Before I begin I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Attica Rage on getting signed to Rocksector Records. It was an honour to be at Rock Radio on Tom Russell's show as they put pen to paper. Below is a video of their work.

I will be going to Hammerfest with them this coming week to document the album launch party and their mainstage opening slot. It will mark my final official outing with the band for the film which has been a long time coming. The next step is putting it all together and making it resemble a film. That's my summer planned already. Just as well I'm a social leper.

My latest small project took place the day before, "capitalism exploiting your love for another person day" AKA Valentines Day. The project invloved me filming a promotional day at Rebel Rebel barbers in Glasgow. Urban artist Conzo was there putting a design on the windows of the place. There were DJ's and Xbox Kinect which in my opinion looks terrible. Real gamers use joypads none of this Wii-mote rubbish. Straying off topic a bit, sorry. The whole deal for the weekend was basically free haircuts all day. The place was packed from opening and from what I gather it was a big success. It gave me an opportunity to get some more DSLR practice in and overall I'm quite happy with the end result. The close ups especially look great. Thanks goes out to Rebel Rebel and destrukt for getting me the gig. Here is the video.

Nothing much else worth mentioning. I'm busy being a shut in while I try and progress through my university dissertation and cage fighting documentary. Not long until I'm done with it all.