Thursday, 3 February 2011

Hard Rock Hell V promo video complete

I thought it is about time to do a little post since I've recently finished work on the Hard Rock Hell 5 promo video. The theme for this years festival is going to be the Village of The Damned. This includes zombies, angels, demons and other assorted spooky shit. The video is viewable on the Hard Rock Hell website and through my youtube channel. I'll also embed it here at the end of this entry.

I'd liek to talk about the edit for a bit as it was quite challenging. It required a range of editing skills including animation, using filters and replacing sound in the footage I ripped right out of George A. Romero's Night of The Living Dead (1968). Speaking of which the reason I was able to get away with doing this was because the film is in the public domain. For those who don't know the whole reason behind this is because of an oversight when the distributor changed the name from its original title Night of The Flesh Eaters. The original title had the copyright notice underneath which was not replaced when they renamed it. US law required a proper notice of copyright for a copyright to exist. So if you've bought this movie on DVD you've been had. You could have downloaded it and it wouldn't have cost you a penny.

Back on track now. Visually speaking it is one of the more effects heavy things I've edited. I had to create fog and rain particle effects and also animate an explosion for the end. I also chucked a bad video filter over everything to try and mess everything up a bit and make the most of the inconsistent footage quality. One thing I've learned through experience is that if you have a bit of crap quality footage footage try and make it look like you want it to look like crap.

The sound was a simple case of running around with my Zoom audio recorder and making a random assortment of noises. The most embarassing highlight had to have been making zombie groaning noises and growls. Just as well no one was around to see or hear me do it. I also had help in the auditory department. Gemma Parr was kind enough to record some screams and zombie moans of her own. Thank god she did because I didn't fancy screaming like a woman. The music was provided by Attica Rage (surprise, surprise) and thanks goes out to Attica's Jonny Parr for helping with the interviews way back at Hard Rock Hell 4.

Speaking of Attica Rage, I'm hoping to have a teaser trailer ready shortly for the film (hopefully by the end of February). I'm hoping to have the film complete by May but I'm not setting that in stone since something always comes up to get in the way. So I think that's it for now. Until next time, later.