Friday, 7 May 2010

Attica Rage - Making of Album complete

I have just finished and submitted my first Attica Rage related film. "Making the Album" is not the most imaginately titled but like most things I film it does exactly what it says on the tin. Early feedback has been good so far. My uni lecturers seemed marginally impressed. I showed it to Jonny and Roddy while they were recording the acoustic guitar for the album. They seemed quite chuffed. It is going forward in to the UWS students showcase on the 18th of May which I am kind of looking forward to. Unfortunately my last exam is earlier that day. Thanks UWS.

I'm unsure what I will be doing with the video at this point (probably youtube) so it may be a wee while till everyone gets to see it. I'm definately not sticking it online until after the showcase. Until then here is Attica Rage playing the Motorhead classic "Overkill".

Over the next few weeks I will be doing more studio filming, filming part of a corporate video, and hopefully editing Secret Wars:- Glasgow vs Bristol. Then it is off to the Hard Rock Hell Road Trip in Ibiza (thats if that bloody volcano behaves).