Friday, 2 April 2010

Secret Wars:- Glasgow vs Malmo & Hammerfest

I've thrown together the latest Secret Wars video in about 3 hours. This was filmed towards the end of February by myself, my annoying sidekick Calum MacPhail, and Michael Sherrington. Pretty much your standard Secret Wars event. Two teams paint one team wins. The music I had to work with was terrible in my opinion but it works overall. I'm hopefully going to get a bit more ambitious with the next one. All the Secret Wars (by me and others) are getting a bit samey. Here is the link for you to check out.

Hammerfest II was a hugely successful main stage debut for the Attica Rage boys. Between a 1000 and 1500 fans turned up to watch the band take its biggest step up the ladder to date. The other antics I'll leave for the release of the film which I have started editing by the way. Below is a video taken from the set. The working title for the song is "March" and will feature in their new album which is in the works.

In other news I'm about to start work on a corporate video in Prestwick. I'll go in to more detail once it is complete. April also sees me shooting Attica Rage headlining Mosh 4 Dosh in Newcastle and Secret Wars Glasgow vs Bristol at the Sub Club.