Friday, 26 February 2010

Attica Rage Update & Stuff

I have just recently returned from a 4 night UK support tour with Attica Rage (supporting Die Apokalyptistein Reiter). We went to London, Leeds, Edinburgh and Nottingham. I have no idea why it was in that order. I obviously don't want to give away too many details but I can say that it gave me a bit of insight in to the harsh reality of being in an unsigned small scale band. I collected around 10 hours of footage on the trip and I think a fair amount of it will make the final film.

Two weeks prior I accompanied the band to the first ever SFX weekender where they were playing a majority cover set of rock classics. Some of the songs performed include "Paranoid", "Dirty Deeds", "Rebel Yell", "Cryin' in The Rain". The whole weekend was surreal experience with costumes, lectures and workshops. I attended talks by a model designer, Tom Baker, Gerry Anderson and some Dr Who writers. The highlight of the weekend was crossing paths once again with the almighty Neil Buchanan (legend) and his band Marsielle. This time I managed to get some footage of him so hopefully he will have a small cameo in my film.

Last night was the opener of Secret Wars' Warriors League at Glasgows Subclub. Vues, Estum, and Rekor took on a team of Swedish totty from Malmo. Glasgow got the crowd vote and Malmo got both the judges votes. Disappointing night for Glasgow. I was there filming with my sidekick Calum MacPhail and camera maverick Michael Sherrington. I sat back at the hard camera for most of the night, taking a much deserved rest. I don't know what Secret Wars wants done with the footage (I don't think they do either) so I won't be editing it any time soon.