Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Cookie Advert, Dog Tired Cathouse set, and other stuff

A few months back I was given the assignment from uni to make up an ad campaign for a product of my groups choosing and produce three adverts for it (one for each member of the group. The adverts had to be under a minute long and had to pay homage to cinema or cinematic technique (in other words don't do anything remotely original). So completely ignoring this our group did an ad campaign for Cookie Restautant in Pollokshields which was nearing completion and supposed to be opened in late November. Due to the unready state of the place at the time not much filming took place at the actual restaurant so we had to get creative. The advert below is the one I directed (edited by Calum MacPhail).

I plan to revisit the location and do a documentary piece on it in the near future now that it is open and looking the part. The place puts an emphasis on healthy organic eating using whatever is in season. It works close with the community which makes it an interesting prospect to film.

On to the next thing. As mentioned before I got a crew together to film Attica Rage's last Glasgow gig at the Cathouse on 2nd December 09. On that night we also filmed the support Dog Tired and 15 Times Dead. Over Christmas I edited together the Attica Rage set and have it ready to use in the documentary (if needed). I've also managed to put together the Dog Tired set which came together very quickly. I used it as an opportunity to experiment with fast cutting since the tempo of the music suited it. The sound editing was tough since not a single camera picked good sound and the feed from the mixing desk was a tad high. I did as much as I could with this and the results are useable. The full set is in the playlist below.

Since Hard Rock Hell I've been spending my time keeping the uni content with paperwork and filming Attica Rage as they lay down the bass and guitar tracks down on the album. Next up is the SFX weekender. It's basically a geekfest down at Pontins in Camber Sands. It will be like a home away from home. The band are playing a half cover/half original set. Should be a fun weekend of filming. I hope I get to meet Tom Baker.