Monday, 27 June 2011

Nutmeg Shoot video

I'm feeling guilty about having a lazy night in playing Angry Birds so I figured I may as well post a quick update on things. Unexpectedly I've done a new video since my last post. How did this come about? Well like most things a combination of chance and who you know. Before I begin the whole story I'd like to thank Emy for her recommendation. I owe you a drink and a nervous hug (sorry, not big on hugging). Okay enough gratitude, on with the story.

Wednesday morning I was contacted via Facebook by Megan from evening wear specialists Nutmeg Couture looking for me to film a fashion photo shoot at short notice. My first thought was something like, "Me? What do I know about fashion? The only time I've ever been fashionable is by complete accident." Naturally I had to do it. So Friday morning, with my hearing still recovering from seeing Anvil the night, I head over to the Hummingbird bar/club thingy for the shoot. What followed was probably the best shoot I've had to date. Now I'm the kind of guy who obsesses about the little things ALL THE FUCKING TIME! To the point where I drive everyone around me nuts. This may not be the greatest thing to point out at a personal level but when it comes down to film and video work I think you need to if you're ever going to improve. I'm pointing this out because the Nutmeg shoot was the first time I can recall that I have not obsessed about some little mistake I've made. Now either I'm mellowing with age or I feel like I done a great job. I'm hoping it's the latter because as most friends and acquaintances already know mellow ain't my thing.

From my perspective the shoot went near perfectly. First of all I was surrounded by some very beautiful women so I would have to suck pretty badly to get bad looking footage. Secondly This is probably the best camera work I have ever done. Surprising since I hadn't operated in over 2 months. I've been in editing mode with Attica Rising and the Hammerfest 4 promo video. So coming in I thought I'd be a bit rusty. Obviously not. I'm really happy with the edit too. It's a lot slower than what I'm used to but it needed to be because the requirement of the video is to show the dresses off in all their glory. You can't do that with constant 2-3 second cuts. I think it does the job extremely well. At the time of writing this I haven't had that much feedback from peeps but Megan is happy with the end result. And if the client is happy then so am I.

The whole experience was something new to me and to be honest I was expecting a more student/amateurish set up. I was pleasantly surprised to find that everyone was completely professional and really in to the work going on. I was genuinely impressed and I admire the fact that Megan has the balls (figuratively speaking) to start her own business so soon after graduating. Watching the models do their thing too actually made me appreciate that there is more to the job than just looking good for a camera. To a degree there is a bit of acting involved in order to convey the correct mood for a particular dress. It really was quite interesting and again not what I expected.

I also had a conversation with one of the models (sorry I'm terrible with names) about the whole modelling thing and discussing how she was too short to be a catwalk model. This kind of annoys me a bit. Putting height requirements on any occupation should not be allowed unless it undermines their ability to do the job. In modelling there is no reason for this other than to fit some kind of arbitrary ideal put forth by industry trend setters. It's actually a form of discrimination and I'm willing to bet that the reason for this is down to the fact that a lot of trend setters in the industry are male. Lets face it when it comes to setting unrealistic ideals no one is better at it than men. I know it's not exactly my place to let my opinion be known but I have my reasons.I'm ranting about because it kind of overlaps with a future project of mine. That is all I'm saying right now.

Enough of my thoughts/rants for now. Time for the video so here it is.