Tuesday, 21 June 2011

LA Guns, film progress, RIP Isolysis

Well it has been one of those days. A total mix of good and bad. I met Jonny to discuss the Attica Rage documentary and the next steps while having a good ogle at Rufus T's red headed bar maid. Objectification of the opposite sex, ah, the benefits of being single.....uh sorry, got side tracked. Okay back to the meeting. The loose plan at the moment is for the film to be in a viewing worthy state by the end of next month depending on my motivation or lack there of. We want it out before Christmas so the Attica fans can stuff their stockings full of some Rage. Hopefully I can live up to this promise.

Unfortunately before the meeting I received some bad news via email. I had applied to do a Broadcast Journalism post grad course in order to strengthen my camera presence and interviewing skills because I have a huge man crush on Louis Theroux and would have his babies if it was physically possible. Oops, off on a tangent again... Bringing it back! Anyway, I got told I didn't get in the course. No interview, no nothing. Cheers (he said sarcastically). Apparently someone who has actually attempted to go out and do a bit of film journalism is not good enough to get on a post grad course. So if anyone knows of any post grad broadcast or investigative journalism courses at one of the Glasgow uni's can they please give me a bell. Probably too late now, hopefully I can get lucky in clearing. Anyway this bummed me out and as a result I couldn't concentrate on the rest of the night.

This was a real shame as I couldn't fully enjoy LA Guns, who were fucking awesome. Had it been any other night I would have had a great time. The highlight of the night was my mum stalking the singer for an autograph, after the gig. It was like a rat up a drain pipe. In another life she would have made a fantastic bounty hunter. Dog's got nothing Dot. Shit! Off on a tangent for a third time. What else about the gig? Oh yeah, I ran in to Neil and Sheila who were up to their usual stuff. I nearly got clotheslined by Sheila pushing her way in to the barrier thinking she owns the place with her photo pass. Grrrrr! Just kidding...mostly.

I was riding a bit higher after the gig but unfortunately there was another blow waiting for me when I logged in to Facebook. Isolysis are no more. For those of you who don't know of them, they were an unsigned band from Derby that had a tonne of potential. Bane's voice is reminiscent of Creed's Scott Stapp, maybe even better since you can actually make out all of the lyrics. Sorry Creed fans but Stapp is a bit unintelligible at times. Creed were my access band back in the day so its okay for me to say it. The rest of the band were solid too, especially Dan (in quite a literal sense). Man his guns make mine look like pea shooters, bastard. Sorry, sorry, a little bit of small man syndrome kicking in. In terms of my personal experience of with the guys, well I discovered them about a year ago in Ibiza (of all places) while I was shooting part of the Attica Rage documentary. I can't really recall having much in the way of interaction with the guys. What can I say, I'm a misanthrope (and I'm not kidding). I did enjoy watching them perform and was definitely a fan from that point on. My favourite memory of Ibiza was watching the bromance between Bane and Big C develop culminating in them imitating the Bushwhackers. I've got the footage, shame it was too dark to see anything and looks a bit shitty (damn Panasonic cameras and their low light performance). About a month later I had the opportunity to see them once again at my pal, Emy's, 21st birthday bash which was another great night. Making the effort to attend the gig speaks volumes and shows the type of genuine, down to earth, guys that they are. They travelled a couple of hundred miles to play for free for a friend/fan of the band. Do you think Lady Gaga would do that? Nah! Me neither. For me that night sticks in my mind due to me discovering a new friend, which is a big deal for me since I hate everything. Misanthrope, remember. Unfortunately we've kinda parted ways for now for various stupid reasons. These things happen, and again misanthrope. That's the last tangent I'm going on, I promise. In closing, I'd like to wish the guys luck in the future and let them know I will be cranking out "Condemned" tomorrow while I'm hitting the weights. In my world that's the finest tribute you can get. Also, I'll embed their music video at the end of this blog so everyone can check out what they missed out on. Until next time, cheers.