Saturday, 18 December 2010

Hard Rock Hell IV + HRH V promo, Attica Rage videos

I am roughly two weeks removed from returning back from Hard Rock Hell IV on what is most likely my final festival/road trip with Attica Rage. It has been a fun ride but everything has to come to an end and it certainly finished in style. By style I'm meaning a 3 camera shoot of Attica's main stage opening set which will hopefully be additional content with the rockumentary film, due hopefully some point around the summer. In the mean time here are a couple of tracks. Thanks goes out to Roddy MacAudio for making the videos sound pretty damn good with his technical wizardry.

As well as filming Attica at the festival I was given the job of preparing the trailer for next years festival. So I managed to film bits of Airbourne (who were awsome by the way), UFO, MSG, and Skidrow. I also got to film Saxon, helping out a crew filming a documentary for UKTV/channel 4 which I believe was a complete waste of my time since they haven't contacted me about the footage. Overall I wasn't impressed with their conduct especially when the dude running things pulled me out of the pit while I was filming, completely uncaring of the fact that I am also shooting the HRH promo video. Overall it hasn't helped improve my opinion of industry people any. Typically the technical crew are sound, directors and producers are difficult (for the most part at least). It leaves me thinking that maybe being independant is a better fit for me than working for institutions like the BBC/ITV (not that they're knocking on my door anyway).

It's unfortunate I didn't get to see more stuff and chill out at the festival but at the end of the day if any of this stuff opens a door or a window it is worth the stress.

So since returning I've been snowed in, editing stuff. I've got my second corporate video near completion for Ian Kenny Framing Ltd. (guess what they do!) a local owned company operating between Larkhall and Hamilton. The video has allowed me to experiment with the Canon 550D and the results have been quite good so far. It is by no means the greatest corporate video ever made but it does he job.

So that is more or less me. I'll just leave this post by saying Merry (and hopefully sober) Christmas and I'll hopefully update this thing in the New Year. Cheers.