Monday, 11 October 2010

Neil Buchanan's Marseille & Stuff

Its been a busy few weeks and I've missed out on a tonne of sleep. The 1st of October saw me Calum MacPhail and my bro Keith film a band I've been wanting to film since I saw them play at Hard Rock Hell 3. Marseille featuring 'Art Attacks' Neil Buchanan have been touring the UK performing their new album 'Unfinished Business' since late September. So well in advance I somehow managed to convince the band to let me film them to bolster the old CV. Guess what? They agreed and me and my crew filmed them. The gig was good despite the turnout not being so great due to a last minute venue change. Thanks Rockers. The Marseille boys were cool as and put on a great show. I have already completed a rough edit which looked pretty good. Sound still needs a bit of work though. I've already let one or two special individuals have a gander and they dig it. As of now I don't know whats happening with it. This is still to be discussed with the band. Hopefully it will be a bit more than a youtube job. I'd just like to finish this part of my blog by saying it was an awesome sight filming an icon from my childhood proper rock out on stage. Awesome!

The following night I was part of a crew filming at the ABC. Yet another first for me. I don't want to say too much about the project because it's not my baby. It's pretty cool to say that I've filmed there though.

The Tuesday after that I was filming Attica Rage for the zillionth time as they supported Jorn. What a voice this guy has. He is probably the closest I'll ever get to hearing Ronnie James Dio sing in person *sob*. Another cool night. It was worth turning up just to annoy Big C with the camera one more time. Ha Ha! I have one other commitment with them at the end of the month.

I have also begun a documentary on MMA & Martial Arts in conjunction with the Griphouse Gym in Glasgow. This one is part of my university requirements so it means I am almost guaranteed to clash with whoever I get assigned as my project supervisor. As of yet I'm the only one who hasn't had one assignes. Maybe they are trying to tell me something???? Either that or it is another infamous UWS oversight. Thanks goes out to Guy Ramsay for giving me more or less unrestricted access to the Griphouse and events.

September and October have been fairly busy months. Can't complain about that. I hope it continues. More work please????