Friday, 24 May 2013

Metal Outlaw TV update and how to support the show

An update on this blog is well overdue so i figured I'd better write something worthwhile. At the moment Metal Outlaw TV is on hiatus in terms of full episodes. Episode 6 should surface sometime in July. Apologies for the delay but we all have our other work commitments to take care of too. At least we haven't given up on the show but we are looking to divide it in to more manageable chunks. So instead of a monster 10-15 minute episode we'll be dividing it up in to 3-5 minute chunks and release them over a few weeks. Hopefully this will lead to more views and greater audience retention. It will also help us determine what works and what doesn't in the show. Feel free to comment your feelings on the changes. We do listen to our fanbase... sometimes, lol.

Although full episodes are on hold until the middle of the summer we are still producing new content. We have just released a new Metal Spoken Word featuring "Heartwork" by Carcass and we'll be following with another one in the next couple of weeks. Then it is on to out Les-Fest coverage. We will be trying to land as many interviews as we can. At the moment the list of potentially interested bands is somewhere between 10-15. Ideally we're looking to whittle that down to a dozen. In the days following Les-Fest we'll be putting out roughly an interview a day and we'll probably be topping it off with a longer recap video featuring live shots and random nonsense. We're looking for bands to loan us some of their live tracks for the recap video. If anyone is interested then please get in touch. We'd certainly be grateful.

Now on to the monetisation of Metal Outlaw TV. I'm sure you'll all appreciate that MOTV is not a money making operation as of yet. In fact it is costing us money, studio time, and most importantly our own time. It is worth it though as myself, Roddy and Big C enjoy it and want to support the UK metal scene as we are all life long metal listeners. We don't feel that our support should be one way though so here is a list of ways that you as fans can support us, help build our audience, and contribute to our product:

1. Watch and share all of our videos. I know this is kind of obvious but we want as many eyes on our videos as we can get. Word of mouth is by far the best way to get us out there. We can only do so much on our own so anything you can do to spread the word would help greatly.

2. Paypal donation or downloadable track donation. Donations can really help us buy things like batteries, bulbs and other general consumables. Personally I'd rather you share and download the tracks while giving us a donation of your choice. That way you get something for your money. Of course if you can't afford to donate you can still download the track and enjoy on us. I don't want to discourage paypal donations though. If you have a spare £1000 kicking about we could definitely use it.

3. Click on our google ads on the website. I've been keeping my eye on the CPM for banner ads and roughly we make around 30-50p per click on the adverts embedded on the page. Not too shabby really so if you have a spare minute or two we'd love you to visit the website and give an advert a click. Just don't go clicking a million times. It doesn't work like that (sadly). Obviously we get some adsense revenue for video views too but it is peanuts really (around $1 per 1000 views). We'd much rather you visit and click an ad.

4. Buy a t-shirt from Redbubble. We get a small cut of any merchandise we sell through Redbubble. However, we are more interested in getting our logo out there by you guys wearing our gear.

So there you go. That's how to support Metal Outlaw TV. Now go do it NOW!!!!