Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Metal Spoken Word, Les-Fest, and a wee rant.

So while I've been busy doing some events videography and photography (snore)  I've managed to chuck together a couple of new videos together for Metal Outlaw TV. The first one was a concept I've had in my head for a wee while and all came about from watching a classic Christopher Walken video on you tube. The video I'm of course referring to is the one where he reads "the three little pigs". If you haven't seen it yet it is fucking hilarious. Anyway this led me to conclude that certain people have the ability to read the phone book and make it funny. So I racked my brain and decided that the perfect person to try this little experiment  was right under my nose for the past 3 years. I'm of course referring to former Attica Rage bassist, Big C. Having filmed the man for ages I knew how funny the guy is and unlike a ton of actual "funny" men his humour doesn't seem forced. Gary Tank Commander and Limmy take note. So with the idea and star in place all that was left to figure out was what to have him read. I finally settled on "I Cum Blood" by Cannibal Corpse. I'm by no means a fan of that style of music or the content but the lyrics are intended to offend and if you want peoples attention being offensive is a pretty good way to go about it. So after about an hour setting up and half an hour (3 takes) filming we had probably one of the most popular videos I've shot. I'd probably adjust the lighting slightly in hind sight but technically I'm really happy with it. And judging by the overwhelming number of likes per view I'd have to say that my first ever Metal Spoken Word was a complete success. A lot of the credit does belong with Big C as he delivered exactly what I expected. If you've not had the chance to view it yet. here is the first ever Metal Spoken Word with Big C.

The weekend before last saw me attending the first ever Les-Fest rock and metal festival in a sort of semi-official capacity. I figured since I was going anyway it would be a good opportunity to grab a little coverage for Metal Outlaw TV and hopefully spread the word for the channel. So I managed to snag a few wee interviews with 15 Times Dead, Fantasist, Dirty Rose, and the event organiser Dave Ritchie. I would have liked a couple more interviews but I was too busy the week before to actually organise most of them ahead of time. Anyway, I was happy with the resulting video and I think my interviewing, which is usually hit or miss, was pretty good most of the time. And even if you're not a fan of a lot of the bands on the line up the video is worth a view for the delight that is absinthe man. What a fanny!

So my impressions on the event itself. Overall i was fairly impressed with the set up. The Valley International Park is a great location and I was pleasantly surprised at how many people were camping. What you get for your money is really good value and the venue itself sounded pretty good. I liked the atmosphere of the whole thing and you can tell it was organised by a fan of music instead of your typical promoter type. If I'm sounding like I have an axe to grind it's because I do. In general I'm not a fan of people exploiting the talents of others and ripping them off in the process. I've witnessed quite a wee bit of it in my time. I'll leave it at that for now and here's the video. Hope you enjoy.

So what does the future of Metal Outlaw TV hold? Well I'm finally deciding to get serious about it and the goal is to try and build a monthly show around it. I will be standing down in front of the camera and will be replaced with someone else. I know who I want for the job but we've still to sit down and talk over the specifics. We will also be doing interview and recorded sessions (courtesy of Roddy Macaudio) in order to help promote bands who wish to take part. On that note anyone wishing to be featured can they please get in touch at metaloutlattv@gmail.com and we'll see about featuring you on the show. The whole reason I started the channel in the first place was to give bands some exposure beyond mobile phone/ camcorder videos with shitty sound. Myself and Roddy have discussed this at length and we are becoming increasingly annoyed by this attitude that everything can be done at home. In some cases bands can do it for example Bleed From Within, who have been putting out some really good promo content recently. However, the majority of you really should invest time and money in your recordings and promo materials. Metal Outlaw TV is a free service that will allow you to do get that so please get in touch to have your band showcased properly. It's your loss if you don't. Until next time. Later.