Sunday, 13 May 2012

Attica Rage "Ashamed", Christie Connor-Vernal photo shoot, and other stuff

Finally the Attica Rage "Ashamed" music video has surfaced. I completed the video around 3 months ago but the band decided to sit on it until they had announced their new record deal with "Off Yer Rocka records", which is possibly the most cringe worthy name for a record label I've ever heard (sorry boys). So like I said it is finally out there and looking back I could have done so much better with it. A combination of circumstances and time constraints on the day plus a lack of proper planning on my part just resulted in the video not coming off quite like it could have. So looking back I'm kind of disappointed with it but I'm sure the fans of the band will appreciate it. Hopefully my next music video will be a little more well conceived and technically better executed. Anyway, here's the video to check out and critique. Off the back of last months session video with solo artist Christie Connor-Vernal I decided to go in to photography mode and do a set of promo shots for her. So I brought her out to Larkhall and Chatelherault on what luckily turned out to be an amazing day weather wise. The shoot also ended up being quite successful. Christie certainly has a unique look and it allowed to be quite creative with the shots. My personal favourite is the head shot with the "Rock and Roll" tattoos in front. The shoot would have been a lot more fun if I wasn't suffering with a killer bout of man flu which I am now just getting over. Here are some of the best shots from the shoot. pic16 pic9 pic10 About a week ago I was at Rock for Funds at Ivory Blacks for a night of rock and to pick up an interview with a band I've been eager to see for a long time, the almighty Kyrbgrinder. I also thought it would be a good idea to film some of the set for "Metal Outlaw TV". This is something I'd like to more of for the channel as I think it will garner more interest than just interviews. The problem with interviews is that it's difficult to set yourself apart. Having said that from a production value stand point Metal Outlaw is in a different league from 90% of what's out there, including some stuff I've seen on Scuzz. Typically though with an interview I'm finding I get around 150 views per video. Not really a lot to be honest. They are very easy edits so I don't mind. Gig tracks on the other hand I'd expect to get between 300 and a 1000 views depending on the band. Maybe more if I could get one with a biggish band like say Fozzy (hint hint to anyone who works with Triple G). So going forward I'm definitely wanting to film more bands live or maybe even in a studio environment. Anyone interested contact me through the channel or email me at . In the mean time here is the first of two tracks I filmed for Kyrbgrinder. Staying on the subject of Metal Outlaw TV, I have just been confirmed as providing the official video coverage for this years LesFest, Scotlands only rock and metal festival. There are a lot of names I fancy interviewing at this event which is shaping up very nicely and any festival that I can travel to in 20 minutes is a winner for me. As long as the weather is not typical Scottish fair it should be helluva fun couple of days where I'll once again get to see Kyrbgrinder, Dirty Rose, Fantasist, and perv on the Amorettes. Roll on the end of June.