Monday, 27 February 2012

First photoshoot, Attica Rage film, Warrior wall

Well, it's been a while since I last wrote on this thing. This is due to a slump in productivity due to my annual seasonal depression. Nothing to get all heavy and emo over so I'll cut to the chase. First things first, where am I at with the Attica Rage film? I'm aware the whole thing has taken longer than expected. This is due to several factors. Firstly, I was feeling mentally burned out with the whole thing due to the duration I've been working at it and repeatedly revising. The edit wasn't working and I needed a break. Secondly the departure of one of the bands founding members, Big C, threw an additional spanner in the works. It was something I expected but was hoping wouldn't happen till the film was done and released. I'm never that lucky. Anyway, the whole situation was bumming me out and it forced me to look at the project in a new light. I think I had become wrapped up in making it a story much in the vain of The Story of Anvil. Not imitating it but trying to find a narrative to make the whole thing work. Unfortunately I didn't discover a strong enough narrative to make this happen. The frustration became too much for me to the point where I downed tools for month and a half and did other things. I had a decent amount of running work till the end of last year so I was pretty occupied anyway. Around the new year I looked at it again and asked finally asked myself, "What have I got here?" not "What story do I want to tell?". Ironically this led me to a complete restructure of the project to the point where the film is more or less what I initially pitched to the band over two years ago. After this and a couple of sit down viewings with Jonny I am sure it is the correct way to go and am feeling a lot more positive about the project. I am at the point where it is mostly minor changes and polishing that is needed and then (hopefully) everyone will get to see it. I'm predicting a summer release. I plan to stick to it this time.

I haven't been focusing solely on the Attica Rage film though. I have been doing a lot of plotting, planning and a wee bit of photography with my new macro lens which is now like the favourite of my children. I also did my first studio photo shoot with my wee pal Emy. I wanted to do a glamour shoot for quite a while and it was something I kept putting off and putting off, partly because I felt I wouldn't get taken seriously by model types due to my inexperience and partly because I didn't feel comfortable asking friends to pose for me to basically perv on with a camera. Okay, that's an exaggeration but you get the point. So I asked Emy to help me out. She reluctantly said yes at first but gradually warmed to the idea. Cue much moaning from me, asking her to make the time for it. She eventually realised that she'd get rid of me if she agreed to do it so she gave in. Harassment! Works every time. To Emy's credit she was game and put in a ton of effort and given that it was the first time either of us had done a shoot I think we did pretty damn well. So I'd like to thank Emy for helping me out and also for eating my Fox's Ambers (means I don't have to). I'd like to get a couple more shoots going and to build a wee portfolio. So if anyone is interested in modelling for me then please give me a buzz. Here's some of the pics from the shoot.

Starlet gaze

Playing with rose

Half Face

Glamorous, looking skyward

The final thing I want to talk about was a video I filmed ages ago but didn't bother doing anything with. I had my garage/gym wall painted with a mural of the Ultimate Warrior by urban artist Conzo and filmed the whole process. Unfortunately I never got round to editing it at the time and as a result the footage lay about on my drive taking up space. So after me snapping out my seasonal depression I was looking to have a wee bit of fun editing and decided to finally get to work on this video. I decided I wanted to try and capture the late 80's early 90's wrestling presentation with this which if you're not familiar is basically cheesy as fuck filters and transitions. Stuff I would never use in a million years in a proper edit. So if you're watching the video and thinking this looks rubbish then I've done a good job. Here it is if you want to take a look.

That pretty much covers what I've been up to. Until next time, cheers.