Sunday, 12 September 2010

Corporate video and Secret Wars quarter final

It has been a slow couple of months for me in the filming department but I'm looking forward to the next couple of months being extremely busy. I do have a couple of things to talk about so here it goes.

The first thing is than I have successfully completed my first corporate video. It was for GE (General Electric) Caledonian, based in Prestwick. Over the past few months I have been popping down on odd days and filming the engineers at work on the various parts that make up a jet engine. Its quite amazing seeing the process. Its also a bit scarey to think that if the smallest thing is overlooked it might bring down a plane. Just as well I'm not afraid of flying.

So on to the video. It is basically a typical corporate video. Some nice shots here and there but nothing really stands out about it as being exceptional. It was not the easiest shoot. This was mainly due to the fact that sometimes when there wasn't much going on. Very frustrating having to head all of the way in to Prestwick to shoot about 30 minutes of footage. The edit was also time consuming. I really struggled to get my hands on decent music which was the main delay. Luckily Big C of Attica Rage (with a little help from Xian) came through a wee tune that fit nicely. After that problem was sorted I was cooking with gas. Six or seven cuts later and this is what we ended up with.

GE Caledonian corporate video from Colin Wood on Vimeo.

Other than getting this corporate video out of the way I have only done one other shoot. This was The Secret Wars quarter final between Glasgow and Birmingham. It was a nightmare shoot. We were outside, the lighting consisted of two cheapo works lights and the place was packed out (good for the organizers but not for me). And then there was the combined smell of paint fumes and weed to contend with. I don't think I've ever felt so close to 'high' in my life. Thanks goes out to Calum MacPhail for suffering with me (although he did blag a few beers out of it) and giving me a bed (actually a two seater couch) to spend the night. The edit turned out much better than expected. Definately the must fun Secret Wars edit I've had since the first one. I had the first cut done in about a day with the final one done within the week (a personal record, I think). Here is the link to the video and the Bristol battle which I had forgotten to post a couple of months ago. Later folks