Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Previous Projects Part 2

Here are two of my first documentary style videos. The first is the Black Lady of Broomhill. It is a look at the best known ghost story from my home town. I was helped on this by a colleague from University, Alyson, putting her through an unimaginable amount of takes during erratic Scottish weather. Sorry Alyson.

With over a year passing since I filmed it, I can think of many ways it could have been better. It gets the story across straight forward enough, though.

The second project was basically the result of shooting on the Royal Mile at the Fringe Festival. I shot several days and this was the only thing I could chuck together. A combination of the weather, the presenters availability, and a lack of planning resulted in very slim pickings. The Fringe would be excellent if it were a month or two earlier, I didn't even go this year because the weather was so god awful.

Anyway, not the greatest video but at least I got some experience out of it.